Skincare Devices Collection!

Green Wireless Face Cleansing Brush

Green Wireless Face Cleansing Brush


We are very happy to announce that our online shop is opened!

After travelling through Asia and discovering the beauty trends we want to present our new electronic beauty devices collection - HOUSE OF ELUA.  They are newest trend in beauty market and we can't wait to offer them for you!


Enjoy the pleasures of facial treatments right there at your home. Have young and glowing skin with HOUSE OF ELUA beauty devices.

How to use the device

for the effective results

1. Wash you face with water and clean the make-up, if needed. 

2. Put on your favorite cleansing cream or scrub. Distribute it evenly on your face.

3. Wash the device with water before using it. Then start gently massaging your face for 1-2min., try different vibration levels, to find the one that fits you best.

4. Wash you face with water and enjoy your glowing skin!

Helping to treat

skin problems

Skin sensitivity

Oily T-Zone



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