1. Hot mode: to activate the eyes.Constant heat treatment with 40 degrees Celsius temperatureis the appropriate temperature to treat on the most sensitiveand fragile skin around the eyes. The constant heat can makethe eyes relax rapidly and activate the eyes cells, weakeningthe melanin deposition and removing puffiness and darkcircles under the eyes.

2. Cool mode: to wake upCool temperature with 19 degrees Celsius to wake up thesleepy eyes. Cool the eyes for 1-3 minutes to eliminate thefatigue and dryness after staying up all night workingovernight.

3. Vibration modeTo stimulate eyes’ channels and collaterals and dredgemeridian around the eyes through high frequency vibration,restoring eye vitality. Hot and cold therapy on around the eyesis a kind of massage which is helpful on eye’s health.

Hot Cold Sonic Eye Massager

  • Product Size: 180*54*50mm
    Miximum power: 7.8W
    Battery capacity: 1000mah
    Material: ABS+Stainless
    Charging time: 3H
    Working time: 20 minutes/time
    Standby Time: About 40 hours
    First Level: 37 degrees Celsius
    Second level: 38.5 degrees Celsius
    Third level: 40 degrees Celsius


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