1. Can be used to prevent the formation of wrinkles, toexpand skin pores for deep clean, to lock water in deep skin,to promote the blood circulation and to speed up themetabolism, to increase the skin transparency, to firm skin,to help nutrient absorption, and to shrink pores skinmoisturizing.

2. Hot massage and cold massage, both with sonicvibration, make the skin look smoother, tighter and moreflexible.

3. 5 adjustable temperature intensity levels for each hot orcold massage can be seen through LCD Screen and theblue light for the cold massage, the red light for the hotmassage.

4. Hot treatment temperature is up to 42°C-45°C, which isgood for skin pore to expand and deep cleansing.

5. Cold treatment temperature can be down to 6°C-3°C,which shrinks the skin pore, strengthening collagen,accelerating the absorption of nutrition, and enhancingelasticity.

6. Auto-timing system, after turn on the power for 5 minutes,it will automatically turn off

Heat therapy massage machine

  • Color: White,black or customized
    Product weight: 127.5g
    Product frequency: 8600rpm±10%
    Material: ABS+Stainless
    Temperature range: 6℃-42℃(±3℃)
    Battery capacity: 1000mAh
    Charging time: 3H
    Working time: 3 minutes/time
    Certification: CE,ROHS


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