1. RF radio frequency, ems, mesoportation technology
2. LCD display, easy to use
3. 12,000 time/min micro vibration
4. Rechargeable battery
5. Red/blue/green photon light for skin whitening rejuvenation
6.FunctionEP (Electropotation): Help skin at absorption of essence,cosmetics and skin care creams.

RF: Wrinkle removal, skin tightening, skin lifting, collagenregeneration

LED: Acne removal, skin rejuvenation

EMS: Muscle stimulation and face shaping

Facial Massager - Multi-function Skin Care Device 6 in 1

  • Product Size: 180*54*50mm
    Product weight: 127.5g
    Battery capacity: 3.7V 1000mah
    Material: ABS+Stainless
    Charging time: 3H
    Working time: 3 minutes/time
    LED Light Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple
    LED Wavelength:  Red: 620±5nm;Green: 520±5nm; Blue:465±5nm; Yellow: 590±5nm; Purple: 700±5nm
    Certification: CE/ROHS


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