RF - Radio Frequency skin tightening device can reach your under skin and effectively remove the nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles and eye wrinkles. The RF energy arrive at the dermis, stimulates massive collagen reconstruction and regeneration. Which holds your skin firm, smooth and elastic.


Introduction - Current magnetic field and negative ion bonding, coupled with low-frequency current superconductor introduction, which can directly penetrate nutrients into the bottom of the skin and improve the skin from the inside.


Deep waves wrapped in multiple - Directly hit the dermis, the temperature quickly gathered to 60 degrees, and promote the contraction of collagen fiber tension. Skin surface cooling temperature is maintained at 38-42 degrees, safe and comfortable.


Applied design - High quality 304 stainless steel senor panel, two small and concentrated sensor panel, handy and comfortable device body, which can maximum meet your needs used for different area.

Facial Lifting Beauty Device

  • Input voltage: DC 3.7V

    Battery capacity: 750mA

    Rated power: 3.5W

    Working time: 10min each time

    Charging time: 3.5hrs

    Device weight: 94g

    Device size: 145.4*48*35.7mm


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